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At Pioneer Performance we offer several different shock valving packages based off of more than 20 years of experience working with all brands of shocks and sled brands.

Pioneer Performance is an authorized service center for Yamaha Kayaba and Soqi (RX-1) shocks. Whether you’re looking to change the ride of your sled, freshen your shocks up after a hard season of riding, or you have some much needed repairs, we can handle all of your shock service needs, we can change a complete shaft assembly if necessary ! We can also handle your Yamaha Ohlins, Fox (including floats), and SRViper ACT shock service and repair needs. Standard re-build includes changing the oil, floating piston O-ring, and re-pressurizing. Re-valve includes re-build service plus valving change and shims ($47.95 covers both the re-valve and re-build).

Services offered:

*Oil change and pressurize.

*Re-valve – for improved, or more aggressive ride.

*Install new shaft assemblies (replace bent, rusty, or worn shafts).

*Replace seal housing and, or piston O-ring.

*Yamaha warranty repairs (must be sent in by dealer).

Re-valve: $47.95/shock (non reservoir 36mm shock, includes rebuild)

Rebuild: $42.95 + parts (if necessary)

All remote reservoir shock service: $59.95 + parts

Fox float re-build: $59.95 + parts (if necessary)

Monoshock RA rebuild: $49.95 + parts

Ohlins electronic shock service: $69.95 + parts

 On the following models all shocks can be serviced: ’97-’98 Vmax XTC, ’97-’99 SX, ’98-’02 SRX, ’98 MSRX, ’00-’03 SX-R, ’02-’03 Viper, all Nytro, ’06-'13 Vector ER & GT, Apex & Attak (LTX)(all), Phazer FX & RTX.

On the following models the front (ski) and front of rear (center) shock can be serviced: ’03-’05 RX-1, ’04-’05 Warrior, ’05 Vector (all),

’06 Vector (standard),  ’04 Viper, '04-'06 Mountain Viper, and '07-'13 std. & GT Phazer models the ski shocks can be serviced

CUSTOM SHOCK VALVING Pioneer Performance can valve any of the re-buildable shocks to better suit your riding style. We have many years of experience with many different brands of shocks. This experience allows us to come up with many different shim stack designs. Depending on the type of shock or application we use many different combinations, from progressive, dual stage, triple stage, or triple stage progressive shim stacks. With over 20 years of experience with all typles of  shocks we have the knowledge to dramatically improve the ride of your sled.Below is a brief description of some of the more common shock re-valve services that provide a significant improvement in ride quality over the standard stock set-up. Price to valve most shocks is $47.95 (unless noted, which includes re-build) each or $179.95 for a set of 4 (36mm non reservoir). Shocks must be sent to Pioneer Performance to have changes performed. Remove all hardware (bolts spacers etc.) when sending shocks in for service, Pioneer Performance will not be responsible for these items. Rebuild is included in the price of all services (parts additional) 


The SRViper can be easily pushed through the bumps! One issue because of the aggressive settings on the stock shocks, sit down riding is on the firm side. We take your rear shocks and re-valve them to offer a smoother ride, with some plushness,  while still allowing you to ride the sled aggressively in the bumps. Send us your two rear shocks, cost to re-valve both is $95.90.

Apex SE Megafloat

The Megafloat works very good for improved bottoming resistance. The only real negative we've found is it seems to be on the firm side in most riding conditions. We re-valve the float to offer a nicer ride throughout the travel while still allowing the air to handle the bottoming resistance when hitting the bigger stuff. Cost to revalve the Megafloat is $69.95.

2012 & up Vector Monoshock

The 2012 Vector features the new Yamaha Soqi monoshock. The shock is rebound adjustable. This shock is a little firm in the smaller bumps and a little soft in the larger bumps in stock form. We take the shock and soften the initial dampening, while increasing the high speed compression dampening. This combination offers a nicer ride while creating a little more bottoming resistance in the bigger bumps. Cost to revalve and freshen up the Soqi monoshock is $59.95'

08 & up NYTRO FX & RTX

The Nytro's are on the firm side in both the smaller and stutter bumps. We use a combination of both progressive, and staged valving. This combination maintains the sleds bump ability while giving a much better (plusher) ride in the small and stutter bumps. The floats on the front of the RTX can also be vavled to produce a much better ride. Cost to do the 2 rear FX shocks is $107.90 (non reservoir), cost to do all 4 RTX shocks is $239.80. 

 '09 & up NYTRO XTX , Apex XTX

The Nytro & Apex XTX is on the firm side. We take the rear shocks and soften  the low speed dampening, and stage the valving to improve ride and compliance in the stutter bumps, while retaining the big bump ability. Cost to do the 2 rear shocks is $107.90.  


Many people purchased the Apex GT because of the excellent shock combination. The sled was set up to be a plush trail cruiser. To make the sled more able to handle the bumps a valve change in the electronic Ohlins mono shock is a must. We have an excellent combination of three stage progressive compression and dual stage progressive rebound dampening, based off European settings, with our own custom changes. We have tested several combinations and can tailor the shock to fit your riding style. When we're finished you'll have a sled that when making the electronic adjustment, has much more range, soft to stiff. The rebound dampening adjustment is a must when increasing spring pre-load or going to a heavier rear spring, also creating a wider range of adjustment. An optional heavier spring is recommended for aggressive riders or 190 lbs. + (see spring page for optional springs) along with the re-valve. Cost to re-valve the Ohlins electronic is $89.95. For those looking for peace of mind (on 2006 or high mileage sleds) we can install the new x-ring seal head (Ohlins upgrade on 2006 models) while we have the shock apart for valve changes, cost for the new seal head is $59.95.

'06-'07 NYTRO & '07-'09 APEX RTX

The Nytro and RTX are designed as a bump sleds, unfortunately  due to poor shock calibration the small bump ride is firm while bottoming easily in the larger bumps. We have an excellent package for the rear of these sleds which includes changing the internal pistons (valve pistons), a must to make the changes in the shim stacks affective. Valve shim stacks are changed to a triple stage compression valving, and greatly improved rebound dampening with greatly improved high speed dampening to reduce "kick". Also replaced is the center shock spring to help the bump ability along with better weight transfer and reduced steering effort. This combination turns the Nytro (2006-2007) & Apex RTX (2007-2009) into excellent bump sleds. The small and stutter bump ride is more compliant (plush), while soaking up the larger bumps much better with greatly reduced bottoming, and reduced "kick back".  This combination of shock re-valve, piston, and center shock spring retails for $239.95. 


Like the mono shock RX-1, the Apex and Attak work well in the smaller and stutter bumps. When you start pushing the sled in the larger or "g-out" bumps the suspension will blow through the travel. We change both compression (triple stage progressive) and rebound dampening (dual stage progressive) to reduce this affect, improving the ability to be ridden aggressively with less frequent bottoming. For the more aggressive or heavier riders a spring change is recommended along with the valve change. Cost to re-valve the 46 millimeter KYB rear is $69.95. A spring change is often necessary based off of rider weight for proper calibration.

SX VIPER The 2002 (standard and ER) and 2003 (standard)

The Viper suffers in the rear from a poor ride due to being over dampened, much of the problem is too much rebound dampening. After hitting a bump, or a series of bumps the suspension “packs up” and can’t do its job, creating a very stiff ride. By changing the dampening (dual stage compression) we can offer both a greatly improved (plusher) ride with the ability to handle the bumps well when riding the machine aggressively. The 2002 models also suffer from very stiff compression settings in the ski shocks making the front ride harsh, and will also benefit greatly from dampening changes. Set of 4 shock re-valve is $179.95.


The Mono Shock RA suspension suffers from stiff (multiple shims against  the valve piston) low speed dampening along with soft high speed (big bump) dampening. Riders wil experience bottoming when riding aggressive, especially in “G out” bumps. We adjust the compression (triple stage progressive) and rebound (dual stage progressive) dampening. By making these changes it improves the ability to ride aggressively while maintaning ride quality, while reducing bottoming. It will do all of this while not having to adjust the RA to full stiff. Retail price to re-valve the 46 millimeter KYB rear is $69.95. Spring change may be needed based off of rider weight.


When the XTC was introduced in ’97 many people felt they could ride them aggressively due to the long travel suspension when in reality it was designed as a plush cruiser. We can valve your rear shocks and change the center shock spring. This combination is a major improvement and we can set them up for both more aggressive or heavier riders. Combination of shock valving and center spring is $153.85


The SX-R suffers from much of the same ride quality as the Viper, over rebound dampening causes a poor (stiff) ride. By reducing the rebound dampening and adjusting the compression (dual stage), the ride can be greatly improved, giving you the true benefit of the lighter weight (compared to the Viper) of this sled. When finished the suspension has a much better “stroke feel” while also allowing it to soak up the bumps when ridden aggressively. Set of 4 shock re-valve is $179.95.PHAZER FX We love the four stroke Phazer, only problem it lacks a little when pushed. We change the valving to reduce the bottoming and the feedback ("kick"). Internal pistons are changed, along with the shim stacks. Cost to valve the 2 rear shocks is $149.95.


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Shock Tuning & Service

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